About Tastee Diner

Tastee Diner is a local diner in the Washington, DC area established in 1935. There are three Tastee Diner locations in Maryland: Bethesda, Laurel, and Silver Spring. Tastee Diner serves a wide variety of authentic American food and all are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and rarely close, if ever.

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The Silver Spring branch of the diner was made an historic landmark in Montgomery County in 1994. It received national attention on June 17, 2000 when it was moved from its original location on Georgia Ave. to its new location on Cameron St. This was done in order to free up the land for use by Discovery Communications.

Tastee Diner is one of the last original, authentic American diners. The atmosphere and cuisine are classic Americana; eggs, pancakes and homemade daily specials.

Tastee Diner’s influence on the mainstream culture in the Washington area has been the subject of various news articles, including several from the Washington Post, which labeled it “The Most Famous Diner in Montgomery County.


Personal, homey ambiance rememiscent of diners from the 1950's. Nostalgic. Food was great, prices reasonable.

Adam Chornesky

Best BLT in Laurel and Sausage Biscuit with gravy is awesome. Patti is a wonderful server and is just the nicest person ever!!!!!

Lynnell Miller

The cook John serves the best breakfast in all of Laurel. The server Patti has excellent server skills, and extremely friendly!! Love this place!

Anna Roberts